Auris Tech – Fonetti

Fonetti is the fun, interactive reading practise platform for schools and home. The patented speech recognition listens as children read aloud, turning the words green when they get them right, and if they get stuck, they double-tap for a clue. In-app rewards and immediate visual feedback keeps readers engaged, along with a variety of fiction, non-fiction and curriculum-supporting content, crafted for different reading ages and abilities. In school, the app is used in conjunction with the Fonetti School Portal, where teachers can easily allocate books to individual pupils or whole class cohorts, and then track reading progress and accuracy in real-time, in order to make more effective use of precious 1:1 time. Teachers can instantly see which readers are struggling, and who needs a new challenge.


Collins Big Cat ebook library

The Collins Big Cat ebook library provides teachers and pupils with more than 1300 levelled
ebook readers for use in school and at home. Easy to access and straightforward to set up, the ebook library is perfect for children to practise reading books at the right level at home, while also supporting front of class teacher modelling and shared reading in class.
We launched the Big Cat ebook library for the start of the new term in September 2020, making all Big Cat books available to primary schools so that children could continue learning to read remotely.
The library was developed in response to the pandemic so that the vital development of reading skills could continue at home, but many schools are continuing to use it now their pupils are back in class – both in school and instead of sending reading books home. The development of the ebook library was informed by research in schools, talking to teachers and with an emphasis on the importance of reading for pleasure – enabled through access to a wide range of high quality, varied texts and a secure start to every pupil’s reading journey through use of fully decodable readers.


Fiction Express

Fiction Express is an award-winning literacy resource designed to improve all areas of literacy: reading; writing; spelling, punctuation & grammar; and speaking & listening. The resource improves poor reading habits by getting children excited about reading through the power of a deeply engaging experience of co-creation between pupils and authors.
In cooperation with the government of El Salvador, Fiction Express has developed a programme to supports its new educational policies to significantly improve their pupils’ learning outcomes.
The programme shows clear evidence of impact and learning outcomes. After just three months, both reading and writing skills have improved across all pupils by one grade.



A gamechanger for improving handwriting, spelling and phonics

Literacy forms the foundations for success in education. Kaligo is a gamechanger for improving handwriting for all pupils regardless of their ability, an essential tool for reducing the attainment gap.

Perfectly suited for the Early Years and Primary curriculum, Kaligo uses AI to help pupils progress in handwriting, spelling and phonics using a self-paced approach, then Kaligo displays a series of real-time arrows and colours on the screen to show the child if they are on track with their writing. If their strokes are accurate the green colour indicates success; if they are not correct the red arrows show the child how they can get on track. Kaligo then provides teachers with records of each child’s ability to write and will also monitor their ongoing progress, giving teachers a true picture of a child’s current writing skills.
This new development is set to revolutionise how younger children learn the fundamentals of handwriting. Through Kaligo teachers can deliver the lesson, provide instant and individual interventions, as well as actively monitor the progress for every child in the class. All without adding to their workload.


Mandarin Matrix Online Classroom

Mandarin Matrix is a highly customisable Chinese proficiency building platform that leverages AI technology to help students from around the world learn Mandarin in a fun and interactive way. Teachers can assign thousands of books, games, activities, and assessments anytime and anywhere through the Online Classroom which allows students to deepen engagement and build their skills in Mandarin communication and literacy. Whether you’re in class, online or hybrid, Mandarin Matrix has the tools and resources to make teaching and learning Chinese more efficient and effective.


Rising Stars – Reading Planet Online

Reading Planet Online is the innovative online library from the Reading Planet scheme. This great-value resource has three available subscriptions: Rocket Phonics Online, Reception – Key Stage One, Key Stage Two. Each subscription provides unlimited online access to hundreds of interactive eBooks, self-marking quizzes and teaching materials to ensure reading is an exciting, shared experience for all pupils. Reading Planet Online can be used on any device, in and outside of the classroom. In the last 18 months, schools in the UK and around the world have used it to ensure that pupils continued to read despite school closures and lockdowns.

Rocket Phonics Online is new for 2021 and supports delivery of a full systematic synthetic phonics programme using a next generation approach. Validated by the DfE, it combines rigorous phonics teaching with pupil engagement and enjoyment. Innovative teaching storybooks, audio, interactive flashcards bring phonics to life.


SchoolOnline Classroom

SchoolOnline provides top quality, digital exam revision in English and Maths through our innovative EdTech platform, which harnesses the benefits of digital distribution to scale access to some of the UK’s top examiners and tutors. In a market where 25% of children receive private tuition to achieve optimal results at KS2 and GCSE, we set out to level the playing field by developing a solution for the remaining 75%.

A library of bite-sized tutorial videos for both GCSE and KS2, created by the UK’s leading, most experienced examiners and professionally produced and animated, provides the backbone of our software, which has been proven in trials to improve Maths scores on average by 76.7% and English by 100.5%.

In 2021, we relaunched our platform with a large set of new functionality: schools can set detailed, auto-marked revision assignments for students with high levels of insight into engagement and analytics on strengths and weaknesses while supporting students with our targeted video explanations to each question and topic. Home users will benefit from the same interactive marking and analytics through our enhanced courses, providing a new depth of insight to help students and parents boost confidence and improve outcomes.


The Literacy Tree – The Literary Curriculum

The Literary Curriculum is an online resource for primary schools looking for an innovative, creative and immersive book-based approach to primary English. As a whole-school approach, with a school membership, it provides complete coverage of all National Curriculum expectations for writing composition, grammar, punctuation, spelling and reading comprehension. Individual membership is also available where tokens can be exchanged for resources .