Ark Curriculum Plus – Ready to Progress

Ready to Progress is an innovative bank of video-supported interventions that will help schools to target specific areas for the recovery of learning after Covid, and for targeted interventions beyond.

It includes over 140 pupil-facing videos with accompanying activity bank and intervention guidance support for Years 1-6. It supports structured tuition in adult-led small groups or in one-to-one sessions. Aligned with EEF best practice principles the content is matched selected Ready to Progress criteria.

The videos are the starting point for each area of learning within the criteria – providing a visual demonstration of the concept, using concrete resources. Each video includes an example intervention activity, modelling the key learning and providing a scaffold for guided practice. Pupils then work through the supporting activities across multiple intervention sessions, building fluency in understanding and application.

Ready to Progress:
• Frees up teacher time – the programme is ideal for use by TAs, with full support and guidance provided
• Offers proven content – these intervention resources have been developed by practising teachers and trialled in Ark schools
• Is fully flexible – activities can be used in short bursts or longer sessions, depending on requirements and time available”


As Creatives Connect – The Extraordinary World of Maths

Putting maths in context to create hooks for childrens’ learning Sounds like the holy grail, doesn’t it But the downloadable Extraordinary Maths packages from As Creatives Connect can help you get there – by placing pupils in immersive, character-led worlds, where the maths has a purpose! In The Race into Space, they’ll meet Major Tom of the British Isles Space Agency, using maths to select the UK’s next astronaut The Riddle of the Sphinx sees them working with Egyptologist Dr Colorado Smith, handling concepts of “measurement” to solve a millennia-old puzzle While taking part in The Benefactor involves meeting entrepreneur Benny

Factor and using the maths of money to help a disadvantaged village Each packages features opening and closing films, in which children meet the characters – together with age-appropriate PowerPoint-led challenges and themed maths worksheets, one of each for every year group from EYFS/P1 to Year 6/P7 And by featuring linked, themed literacy activities too, they offer a potent reminder that “maths” doesn’t exist in isolation!

None of these activities have been plucked from thin air – they’re the result of more than twelve years of working directly in classrooms – with more than a million children, right


DoodleLearning – DoodleMaths

DoodleMaths is the most qualified teaching assistant staff could wish for. Designed by teachers, for teachers, it uses the latest advances in learning and motivational psychology to support and enhance their teaching.
Powered by Proxima™, an adaptive algorithm, Doodle creates every pupil a personalised work programme that plugs their learning gaps and consolidates their knowledge — all without staff needing to set or mark work!

Designed to be used for 10 minutes a day, it’s proven to prevent learning loss and raise attainment. It can even be used offline, making it ideal for busy schedules.

With DoodleMaths, setting homework is simple. And because it rewards effort over ability, it’s easy for staff to celebrate pupils’ hard work.

An online hub lets staff view learning gaps, benchmark progress and export data, making report writing and lesson planning a breeze.

Although it uses an advanced algorithm, Doodle is very much a human company. Schools can call on its experts whenever they need, and online training is always available.

Teachers know that every child can achieve great things. And at just £6 per child per year, DoodleMaths gives them the time and insight they need to help every pupil reach their potential.


Learning by Questions

After a particularly turbulent year, where the transition from Primary to Secondary has been more challenging than ever, LbQ;s Secondary Subscription has helped teachers on both sides provide their children with the skills, knowledge and self-confidence to succeed. One one hand, LbQ Seconday has responded quickly and effectively in creating resources teachers needed desperately for recovery. On the other, LbQ has not had to change at all – a resource built with integrity on the best pedagogical principles, a resource teachers and schools can rely on come what may.


Maths Circle – NumBots

NumBots is an award-winning, self-paced maths learning platform, helping to achieve the ‘triple win’ of understanding, recall and fluency in mental addition and subtraction. It was developed by Maths Circle in 2019 to improve number sense and raise maths confidence, in response to demand from the primary maths community.

NumBots has been crafted to align with the national curriculum and other well-esteemed initiatives such as White Rose Maths. Throughout the programme, children experience a variety of representations that they recognise from using in the classroom, including manipulatives such as rekenreks, dienes and bar models. The levels are methodically sequenced to ensure children have fully grasped each key mathematical skill before moving onto the next concept. This way, NumBots ensures there are no gaps in a child’s understanding.

By combining effective pedagogy with innovative and enticing gamification, NumBots motivates children to practise core maths everyday, establishing strong foundations which they can build upon as they progress on to more complex maths. Specific accessibility settings within the programme make NumBots suitable for all learners, and ideal for SEN pupils.
Now, with over 6,500 subscribed primary schools and over 1,000 families, NumBots is quickly making a positive impact on maths outcomes.”


SchoolOnline Classroom

SchoolOnline provides top quality, digital exam revision in English and Maths through our innovative EdTech platform, which harnesses the benefits of digital distribution to scale access to some of the UK’s top examiners and tutors. In a market where 25% of children receive private tuition to achieve optimal results at KS2 and GCSE, we set out to level the playing field by developing a solution for the remaining 75%.

A library of bite-sized tutorial videos for both GCSE and KS2, created by the UK’s leading, most experienced examiners and professionally produced and animated, provides the backbone of our software, which has been proven in trials to improve Maths scores on average by 76.7% and English by 100.5%.

In 2021, we relaunched our platform with a large set of new functionality: schools can set detailed, auto-marked revision assignments for students with high levels of insight into engagement and analytics on strengths and weaknesses while supporting students with our targeted video explanations to each question and topic. Home users will benefit from the same interactive marking and analytics through our enhanced courses, providing a new depth of insight to help students and parents boost confidence and improve outcomes.”


Sumdog Maths

Sumdog Maths is an online practice and assessment tool that uses games-based learning to build mathematical fluency and accelerate progress through a mastery approach. Sumdog employs a sophisticated learning engine to provide a personalised learning experience, with questions that adapt to a pupil’s individual needs.

Used by over 7000 UK schools including all primary schools within the Oasis Community Learning Trust, Sumdog helps boost maths fluency, inspires friendly competition with other classes and schools through termly contests and motivates pupils through 29 engaging games and online rewards to spend on their Sumdog house and garden.

Sumdog’s assessment library provides an informal way of gauging what level pupils are working at and removes the pressure of written tests. These low-stakes, online tests can be set at the start, during or at the end of topics and results easily analysed using our automated, in-depth report. Identifying misconceptions, planning next steps and demonstrating pupil progress has never been easier.”


Whizz Education – Maths Whizz

Whizz Education has more than 15 years’ experience partnering with schools to improve learning outcomes in maths. We adapt our approach to each implementation to deliver the best outcomes for students through a course correction model.

We provide a menu of services to improve learning outcomes, for which our award-winning virtual tutor Maths-Whizz is just one element. The implementation of our services includes: planning, teacher training, adoption of Maths-Whizz, evaluation, resources, support, course correction and benchmarking.
Maths-Whizz covers 98% of the school curriculum and is compatible with iPads and popular tablets so that children learn at home to help them thrive at school and beyond.

Teachers are supported and empowered through our Teachers’ Resource – a library of creative digital content aligned to the English national curriculum, containing over 1,200 interactive lessons and complementary digital worksheets to be deployed in whole class or small groups. Teachers can take students into exploratory learning environments and enhance their classroom practices to further support the learning experience.

Our virtual tutor and the services and support we provide, means every student can accelerate learning by upwards of 18 months in the first year of use depending on engagement.”