Arc Education – Arc Maths App

Any maths teacher can tell you what happens when they briefly revisit a maths topic. The class are adamant that they have never seen it before. But they have because they were taught it 3 weeks ago and it’s in their books. Not just that – they’ve covered it every year for the last 3 years as well. So the lesson is hijacked (again!) by something that should only have taken a couple of minutes.

This is why we built Arc Maths App. Pupils forget, and with maths that matters because what they learn next builds on what they have learnt before. Covering the whole of the KS3 and KS4 curricula, Arc Maths is a personalised retrieval practice app that incorporates spaced practice to help pupils retain and recall core maths knowledge and skills. So whilst pupils are learning new concepts in class, Arc Maths is running along behind making sure none of it is forgotten. Taking only 10 minutes, a session of Arc Maths makes a highly effective lesson starter, form time activity, intervention task or homework. We made it to make an impact – not just on pupils’ attainment but also their confidence.


Bedrock Learning – Bedrock Vocabulary and Bedrock Mapper 

Language is the foundation of all education. A child’s vocabulary at the age of 4 is a reliable predictor of academic attainment at 18. According to Professor Kate Nation (2018), “low levels of vocabulary set limits on literacy, understanding, learning the curriculum and can create a downward spiral of poor language which begins to affect all aspects of life”. However, there are limited resources available to support teachers in this vital area.

Our mission is to support and ensure pupils have the language they need to engage with the curriculum and flourish in school and beyond. Bedrock Vocabulary is our digital curriculum that explicitly teaches pupils advanced English (Tier 2) vocabulary through a series of engaging, dual-coded and story-focused activities; while consolidating pupils’ learning using intelligent algorithms. It was also designed with teachers in mind.

Our application is self-marking with many tracking reports available to save teachers’ valuable time, making it suitable for blended and remote teaching.

Our latest technology Bedrock Mapper offers a robust solution for teachers to teach, assess and reteach subject-specific (Tier 3) vocabulary.

Hundreds of schools all over the world are now using our innovative tech to narrow the language gap and improve their pupils’ outcomes.”


CraignDave – Smart Revise

Smart Revise is an online course companion for students and teachers of GCSE and A Level computer science. It redefines revision as a continual practice throughout the course and not just at the end. Built to address the forgetting curve through spaced, interleaved retrieval practice; Smart Revise presents every student with their own unique playlist of never-ending multiple-choice questions. With a focus on mastery and a dynamic, adapting set of questions. Used little and often it has a proven track record of increasing retention of knowledge over time.

In addition, interactive flashcards, exam style questions, command word help, guided marking and personal revision reports provide students with a fantastic revision tool. Incentivised by awards and class leader boards. Teachers can control the student experience, set tasks, review analytic reports, spot weaknesses, and reduce their workload. All while maintaining a high degree of differentiation, scaffolding and personalised learning. Used by over 30,000 students and increasing daily; anytime, anywhere on any device, Smart Revise, written by experienced teachers harnesses the power of technology to change revision practices for the better.


Hodder Education – – Created by schools, for schools

World-class and fully mapped curriculum resources that can be used flexibly in the way that’s right for your school

However and wherever you’re teaching, helps you to deliver the curriculum by connecting lessons with integrated mental health and wellbeing support, resources for learning with the family and ongoing teacher training.

Developed in collaboration with Shireland – a leading Multi Academy Trust that harnesses technology to support learning – is available for Key Stages 1-4 and provides:
• A complete, knowledge-rich Foundation curriculum
• Integrated wellbeing resources plus access to counsellor support
• Intervention resources for targeted recovery
• Remote learning requirements
• Cultural capital across the Foundation subjects
• Family learning resources and support for tutoring
• Thousands of ready-to-run resources
• Assessment, tracking and reporting across knowledge and skills”


Learning by Questions

After a particularly turbulent year, where the transition from Primary to Secondary has been more challenging than ever, LbQ’s Secondary Subscription has helped teachers on both sides provide their children with the skills, knowledge and self-confidence to succeed. One one hand, LbQ Seconday has responded quickly and effectively in creating resources teachers needed desperately for recovery. On the other, LbQ has not had to change at all – a resource built with integrity on the best pedagogical principles, a resource teachers and schools can rely on come what may.


MEI – Integral

“Integral is an online teaching and learning environment for advanced mathematics covering Edexcel, OCR, MEI, AQA, WJEC and CCEA A level specification. It supports teachers with extensive resources for use in both the classroom and online. It helps students to learn maths independently and enables teachers to track the progress of their students using advanced analytic tools.
Covering all A level specifications in England, Wales and Northern Ireland, Integral can be your one stop shop for all you need to deliver A level maths.
Plan your lessons with the starter activities and GeoGebra and Desmos classroom integrations. Let students practice at their level with differentiated exercises and set up flipped learning using the teaching videos. Track students’ progress with the online, self-marking tests and assess their knowledge further with bespoke topic tests.
Integral has you covered from planning and delivery through to testing and tracking student progress.”


NetSupport –

Co-produced with teachers, is a classroom management and teaching platform with eSafety tools, optimised for remote and blended learning across a range of devices, platforms and locations – fitting perfectly into any school or MAT.

This easy-to-use solution connects to students via pre-populated class lists and teachers can see thumbnails of connected devices on their screen. They can lead learning in real time with intuitive tools: broadcasting their screen and audio directly to students, plus interact with them on surveys, questions, chats and answer help requests.

Keeping students on task is simple, as shows not only the current application they’re using, but also the ones running in the background. Teachers can also define ‘allowed’ and ‘restricted’ lists of applications/websites to keep everyone focused, which is extremely valuable where learning is remote.

Providing a safe environment for students as they learn online is essential. Step forward,’s new online safety toolkit. Its keyword monitoring tool seeks out any concerning student activity, spots online safety trends and uses contextual intelligence to help identify any students potentially at risk.

Independently evaluated by Education Alliance Finland, scored 94 percent for its pedagogical approach and 4.07 out of 5 for learning engagement.”


Texthelp – EquatIO

EquatIO takes the pain out of creating mathematical expressions digitally, and creates new ways for educators and students to create, solve, collaborate on, and explore maths and science content.

More than just a replacement for pencil and paper problem solving, EquatIO makes maths and science more accessible and technology-friendly in today’s classrooms, and encourages a more interactive and collaborative approach to these subjects. It works across multiple platforms, devices, applications and the web, to create an effective digital workflow between teachers and pupils.

Built on the principles of Universal Design for Learning, EquatIO seeks to support a wide range of learning styles and needs, giving pupis the ability to respond to and create maths in whatever way suits them best.”