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Dataspire Solutions

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Joskos Solutions

Joskos is a successful provider of services to schools that enrich the classroom experience and help to improve learning outcomes.

Over the last year Joskos have gone above and beyond to ensure their team and the Joskos family of schools are connected, can use technology confidently and learning can continue despite the extenuating circumstances. Despite Covid, Joskos maintained excellent relationships at strategic, teacher and technical levels and achieved a Net Promoter Score (NPS) of 88/100.

Joskos is focused on holistic digital transformation to complement school improvement and self-evaluation. We achieve this through the combination of strategic consultancy, continuous professional development, managed services and environment transformation.

The Joskos team is made up of passionate diverse individuals who are devoted to improving the lives of young people across the world.



LGfL is one of the fastest growing EdTech companies in the UK whose mission is the advancement of education. A core passion of LGfL is tackling inequality, promoting diversity and ensuring no one gets left behind. Initiatives like BridgeTheDivide have secured devices for communities that would otherwise not have had them. By making our free schools meals eligibility checker free to every school we hope to have identified over £100M of funding by the end of this calendar year bringing support and funds to communities facing huge challenges.

Our standards of customer care are exceptional, with a retention rate of over 90%, sometimes involving incredible risk on behalf of our customers.

Our empathy and understanding of schools’ needs has enabled us to design, build and provide solutions that they have consumed at an unprecedented scale. This has catapulted our growth to nearly £50m in 2020/21 compared to just over £30m the year before.

As Phil Hedger, CEO at the LEO Academy Trust in Sutton, says, “LGfL saves us money and helps us cut teacher workload.””


Plum Innovations

Our vision is to assist teachers succeeding in their professional fields with an efficient and solid IT platform by providing a stress-free IT experience.

Plum Innovations is dedicated to exceptional customer service working with leading organisations across both public and private sectors. With deep functional and industry expertise, we are passionate about taking on immense technical challenges and are able to address problems swiftly with efficient solutions.

We deliver top class services and support through user friendly and cutting edge technology with cost-effective solutions.

Plum Innovations goes the extra mile to ensure excellent services are always delivered in terms of quality work, timely delivery, professional behaviour, and value for money. We continually strive to better our services by employing innovative solutions and partnering with top organisations to meet the growing and changing needs from our schools and teachers.

We work tirelessly towards helping reinforce the positive impact of EdTech on students’ learning outcomes and assisting schools to employ the ideal technology, in the most cost-effective way.”


Schools ICT – Orbis

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Telford and Wrekin Council ICT

The Connected Learning Centre Connected Learning Centre is an education charity, part of the Education Development Trust, and our team is made up of consultants and experts in technical support, the teaching of computing and digital pedagogy.