CreativeHUT with Everton In The Community

Leading football charity Everton in the Community (EitC) wanted to find a delivery partner for a digital skills lab to house their e-STEAM project, an initiative to provide new skills for some of the most deprived schools in the UK. But first, they had to adapt to a global pandemic and keep the communities together. Find out how through a collaboration with CreativeHUT, they managed to secure funding for a digital STEAM skills lab for 2000 pupils from 60+ schools, preparing the next generation for the most exciting jobs of the future.



Education Post-launch E-STEAM has captured the attention of the European Football Network and become the benchmark for the top football charities in Europe as they have been inspired to launch similar initiatives to boost STEAM skills across the globe.



EdPlace is a rapidly growing education subscription business offering online educational resources in English, maths, science and 11+ preparation for students in Year 1 to GCSE. We’re harnessing the power of technology to assess student ability, automatically progress them at the right level with targeted resources, and support key academic milestones (e.g. SATs, 11+, GCSEs, etc.) We help parents and teachers to understand a child’s learning needs by providing visibility on progress and recommendations to target knowledge and skill gaps.

Within the last year, we have launched free accounts for parents and schools, and our ever-growing assessment suite is being utilised by 5 of the National Tutoring Programme accredited partners, to support disadvantaged students who have been most affected by the school closures of 2020/2021.

EdPlace has helped over 91,000 students in the last year alone and is on a mission to help over a million by the end of 2030. Within the last year, we’ve seen 2,800,000 activities completed and we’re being used by students in 33 different countries. We are passionate about levelling the educational playing field and making personalised educational support accessible for all.”



Natterhub’s mission is ‘to prepare children to thrive online’ and addresses the global issue of online vulnerability which has been further exacerbated by the pandemic.

Natterhub is an immersive interactive platform designed to teach pupils aged 5-11 online safety and media literacy skills. Natterhub is equipped with 350+ interactive lessons designed to teach children the genre of digital communication and build critical soft skills such as digital resilience, online empathy whilst learning how to navigate a digital landscape.

Natterhub is a child-friendly, fun approach to integrating media literacy across the primary curriculum and is being used by 4000+ schools in 65 countries.

Powered by TwinklHive, Natterhub’s aim is to enable pupils to learn, use and apply their knowledge and skills in a sandbox social media environment, gated to the class and supervised by the class teacher. Progress is tracked and assessed by the tool and all lessons include teacher plans and notes. Teachers can confidently nurture pupils’ digital literacy skills practically rather than through didactic teaching, regardless of their own ICT abilities.

Natterhub is the education that comes before children have their own mobile device. Pupils develop a digital skillset, which can be continued at home using the parent login.


Oak National Academy

Oak was created in April 2020 in response to the coronavirus pandemic. Created by teachers and technologists, we built a completely free online classroom to share lessons so pupils did not miss out on learning whilst schools were closed.

The original classroom went from the first line of code to launch in less than a week. Since then our platform has evolved and grown into a national teaching resource consisting of:

An online classroom where any pupil can access and complete any of our 10,000 lessons

A Teacher Hub where teachers can access all the resources to plan and share lessons, and download lesson slides, worksheets and quizzes

Now Oak hosts over 10,000 lessons, covering the entire national curriculum for pupils ages 4-16, including 600 lessons for students with specialist needs. Pupils have taken part in over 130 million lessons with 56% of all teachers in England using the site during 2021/21.

Our aim is to free teachers up to focus on working directly with pupils, by sharing high-quality, curriculum-aligned materials, created by fellow teachers. And when pupils are away from their classroom, we make sure they can access those same great lessons in our online classroom”



Improving reading is the most transformational thing possible in education.

ReadingWise has worked with all 52 schools in South Ayrshire for the last 6 years to rapidly improve reading among children who are falling behind.

The average reading age increase has been 10 months in just 12 hours of intervention. This has been measured by external assessment data – ReadingWise has not marked its own homework.
Thousands of pupils have been reached and hundreds of teachers and teaching assistants have been trained. The capacity of each school to reach each and every child who needs additional support to read well has been transformed.

ReadingWise has covered the key components of reading – decoding and comprehension – through innovative, online programmes that are personalised to meet the needs of each child. Teachers have access to the powerful dashboard, streamlining useful information and saving staff hundreds of hours of work.

An entire generation has been supported across the region – transformation at scale.


Services For Education

Services For Education is a Birmingham charity using the power of learning and music to create confidence in children, young people, adults and communities.

We enable 38,000 Birmingham school children a week to enjoy quality music lessons no matter their circumstances in 410 Birmingham schools with 23 central ensembles and 42 beginner area ensembles.
We use innovation to extend our services and reach.

Services For Education’s Music Online Educational Resource is a prime example. A new online platform developed using only internal resources, it supports schools, teachers and students in the teaching of music.

The Resource was conceived pre-pandemic to extend reach and effectiveness, enabling us to deliver more music teaching lessons and support more schools and children.
Accessible to subscribers via a User and Password portal, the Resource comprises 800-plus video tutorials and 380 hours of tuition and has been widely applauded by teachers and schools and also in media reviews.

Said one: “Digital teaching is not only here to stay, it’s part of the landscape of a whole generation. Some of the material Services For Education produces could well take centre stage in classroom learning, and I would not be sorry if it did.””


Sparx Learning

Sparx Learning is reimagining the way maths is taught and learnt around the world. Comprising Sparx Maths, HegartyMaths and Numerise, Sparx Learning is currently supporting 1.8 million students in schools and homes across the 23 countries.

  • Sparx Maths not only improves students’ progress in maths through personalised learning but at the same time, significantly reduces teacher workload. Sparx Maths is transformational in schools for a number of key reasons:
  • Promotes mastery for every single student through personalised practice
  • Proven to improve student outcomes and increase life chances
  • Reduces teacher workload by up to 200 hours per year
  • Provides powerful insights which empower school leaders and teachers
  • Builds a powerful culture of practice with engaged, confident, motivated students

As Ben Antell, Regional Director of United Learning says: “Sparx is hugely important to United Learning. Sparx is not just about children logging on and completing work.  It’s about developing mastery and children’s understanding of maths becomes much more profound from using the platform”.