Common Sense Media – UK Digital Citizenship Curriculum

Common Sense Education’s award-winning digital citizenship resources, trusted by 1.2 million teachers worldwide, are now fully updated for UK classrooms, and available to all schools, for free, in English and Welsh.

Learners need digital citizenship skills to participate fully in their communities and make smart choices online and in life. Teachers need resources to keep up with today’s fast-changing media and technology landscape.

The Common Sense Education digital citizenship resources support teachers and prepares learners aged 4-18 to think critically and use technology responsibly to learn, create and participate.
Free, Research-Backed and Teacher-Approved; Designed and developed in partnership with Project Zero at the Harvard Graduate School of Education, guided by research from thousands of educators, and tested in UK schools, each digital citizenship lesson helps learners build lifelong skills.

The Common Sense Education approach to teaching digital citizenship:
● Recognises children as collaborators, contributors and digital creators.
● Addresses top concerns for schools, from privacy to media balance.
● Acknowledges the complex opportunities and challenges of the digital world.
● Connects actions in the digital world to real-world outcomes for individuals and communities.
● Creates a whole-community support system through learner curriculum, teacher resources and family engagement.”


CPOMS is an online system where all staff in a school can log concerns relating to safeguarding, child protection, and virtually anything pastoral that can impact the wellbeing of a child. Designated safeguarding leads in school can then gather important information quickly and easily to protect pupils with simple and thorough tools.
Before our system was developed, schools had to do all this manually using paper. That meant evidence was often incomplete or stored in various places which caused inconsistencies with pupil’s safeguarding information.

CPOMS brings together all the tools needed for Safeguarding to one place. An appropriate member of staff can see a pupil’s full Safeguarding chronology, alongside anything a school wishes to log that it feels is appropriate. This flexibility means schools can choose to monitor SEN, Behaviour, Medical Issues, or even reward systems alongside Safeguarding.

CPOMS is a forward-thinking platform providing security and reassurance to all users that each incident is evidenced, time framed and ordered so any requirement to produce a chronology is quick and reliable. This is the peace of mind for all users when a case has been escalated to an external agency.”


eLearn International – offers online Child Protection training to support staff in schools, such as cleaners, bus drivers, security guards, etc worldwide. The content is universally accessible through our bespoke platform and instructional design. The course is available in over 20 languages and is currently used across 5 continents.

Unlike other Safeguarding trainings that are intended for teachers, is designed for the adults for support staff, enrichment providers, and volunteers. utilizes a bespoke eLearning platform and instructional design that simplifies instruction so that all learners, regardless of their technical or educational background, can access the course. The content meets or exceeds accreditation standards and legal requirements.

The course is available in 23 languages (with more to come).

Platform administration has been designed to be streamlined for easy set-up, language selection, and course distribution. Simple learner management allows for easy supervision of progress and access to completion certificates in any language. also allows customers to terminate unfinished sessions ensuring that every seat purchased results in a fully trained learner. mitigates risk for schools or school vendors, creates a better learning environment for children, builds a community commitment to Safeguarding, and makes the school an unattractive target to potential abusers.


imoves active education

The imoves online platform supports primary schools to nurture happy and healthy children by igniting a passion for movement and physical activity.

With thousands of resources on hand, imoves ensures active learning can be implemented in any classroom – no matter the age group or subject being taught.

Brain breaks, PE lessons, flash cards, handouts and easy-to-follow videos provide a comprehensive support system for teachers looking to incorporate more physical activity into the school day, whether they’re planning a whole term of sport or five minutes of movement during a lesson.

Using imoves is like having a whole team of physical education and movement specialists within school, accessible online at any time of day – with rave 5-star reviews from thousands of schools across the UK and outcomes including a proven increase in activity levels, as well as positive impacts on holistic health and wellbeing, concentration, and educational attainment.

The programme removes the pressure on teachers to incorporate active learning, and allows them to reap the benefits of a happier and healthier class – who, having discovered the joy of being active, are more likely to continue some form of movement beyond their primary school years and into adult life.


LGFL – Going Too Far? Extremism and the Law

Going Too Far ( is the result of a partnership between the Department for Education and LGfL. It is an open-access interactive teaching resource to help students understand extremism and how certain online behaviours may be illegal or dangerous. Cross-curricular activities facilitate a whole-school approach, complementing and complying with RSHE guidance, Keeping Children Safe in Education and the UKCIS Education for a Connected World framework.
Going Too Far aims to promote critical thinking and build resilience to help young people face the abundance of extremist content online by:
– exploring the techniques used by extremists and evaluating digital content
– making positive choices about who/what is trustworthy online
– challenging extremist narratives
– considering the consequences of their actions and making a positive stand
The resource includes:
– case studies and discussion stimuli
– videos featuring subject experts
– scenarios to explore potential risks e.g. gaming and social media
– signposting to trusted sources for support and reporting channels
– printable teacher notes, extension activities, mini video guides and suggested answers to help lead informative discussions
– SEND & Inclusion area including audio narrations and alternative texts, plus differentiated questions to support as wide a range of learners as possible


Natterhub’s mission is ‘to prepare children to thrive online’

Natterhub is an immersive interactive platform designed to teach pupils aged 5-11 impactful online safety and media literacy skills. In a world where soft skills acquisition is key to success, Natterhub is equipped with over 300 lessons that teach children the genre of digital communication and build digital resilience. Whilst raising the profile of online kindness, empathy and open-mindedness, Natterhub is a child-friendly, fun approach to integrating media literacy across the primary curriculum.

Powered by TwinklHive, Natterhub’s aim is to enable pupils to learn, practise and apply their knowledge in a realistic social media environment, gated to the class and supervised by the class teacher. Progress is tracked and assessed by the tool and all lessons include teacher plans and notes. Teachers can confidently nurture pupils’ digital literacy skills practically rather than through didactic teaching, regardless of their own

ICT abilities. Natterhub is the education that comes before children have their own mobile device. Pupils develop a digital skillset, which can be continued at home using the parent login so that together, families know how and when to apply the principles of online safety, kindness and responsible behaviour.


Teen Tips – The Wellbeing Hub

The Wellbeing Hub – Working to prevent mental ill-health in young people

We know, from over a decade of working with young people, that by tweaking the environments at home and in school, we can prevent many children and adolescents from developing mental health difficulties or needing therapy.

It is this positive approach to mental health, which led to the creation of The Wellbeing Hub. A live and interactive web app for whole school communities to access, with a Staff Hub, Parents’ Hub and Pupil Hubs.

Through these distinct Hubs we deliver support 24/7, with podcasts, articles, online courses, webinars, live Q&As, Q&A libraries, careers advice, webinars, PSHE resources, access to specialists and more.

If you’re looking for a trusted source of support for your parents, pupils and staff, the Wellbeing Hub is designed by experts to meet the social, emotional and educational needs of young people.

Teen Tips create real impact through the Wellbeing Hub, transforming the lives of as many children as possible with this form of early intervention education. With over 95 schools signed up to the Wellbeing Hub it is growing fast and an exciting time to be involved.


Tes – Class Charts

Class Charts from Tes is a classroom management platform that gives teachers access to all the information they need to be able to manage their classroom and track student behaviour, resulting in a better learning experience for their pupils. It is designed to reduce teacher workload and improve behaviour, teaching & learning in the classroom. At the core of Class Charts are seating plans and behaviour management tools. The seating plans display the key data teachers need to differentiate effectively in the classroom, while the behaviour management aspect provides School Leaders with real time information and analysis of achievement and behaviour issues in their school. Also included in the package are mobile apps, modules for homework, communication and wellbeing, a pupil rewards store, WAR Boards, and attendance & parental engagement tools.

Class Charts is modular allowing schools to personalise it to their exact requirements.