Which category should I enter my product in?

Entrants should choose the single category (and the sectors and areas of learning, teaching, leadership or management this covers), where the product makes the most impact. Products can be entered in more than one category as long the applications are tailored specifically to show evidence of their relevance to each. The judges are not expecting your entry to meet every criterion: rather than trying to ‘tick all the boxes’, you should clearly outline in your entry form which criteria your product is designed to meet. All of the 2021 categories are available to view here.

I have entered a product in a category, can I also enter my company?

Yes – you can enter products into the product-related categories and you can also enter your company in the company-related categories.

Can I enter an educational app?

Yes we have a category for education apps, companies who wish to enter their apps should select this category where their product will not be disadvantaged competing against larger more comprehensive packages. Please note curriculum content apps are excluded from this category and must be entered in the relavent age phase category. Companies may enter as many different apps into this category as they wish. Apps must have been published within 12 months of the date of your entry submission. Entrants will need to supply access to the app for judging purposes.

My product is free, can I enter it in the Bett Awards?

Yes, there is a specific category for free content – “Free digital content / open education resource”. Click here for 2021 the criteria and entry form.

We have developed materials that can only be used by our students through our Intranet; can I still enter them in the Bett Awards?

Only products that have been launched in the open marketplace (before the entry deadline) that can be purchased as an individual item or are freely available without charge can be accepted.

We are planning a number of product enhancements for later this year, but they won’t be implemented prior to the deadline for entry. How can we draw attention to this in our application?

The information that you provide on the entry form should relate to the product that you are entering. If you significantly update your product after the closing date for entries to the Bett Awards 2021, you can enter it in the Bett Awards the following year.

We have a very complex product or one which will only run on our network or relies on a ‘live’ environment, can we still enter and how will it be tested?

You should do everything that you can to enable the judges to understand the functionality and benefits of your product. If possible, please set up your entry with sample data or allow access for us into the live environment. We recommend that you consider supporting your entry in some of the following ways:

  • DVD or PowerPoint presentations that you use for training purposes – especially material which encapsulates the unique features of your product and highlights what it does
  • Samples of learners’ work which have been created using your product
  • Teachers’ lesson plans, or institutional leaders’ or managers’ documents that offer an insight into the introduction or embedding of your product into a particular institution
  • Readily available information about trials or tests conducted with users – these can be small tests involving one or two people. The judges find this kind of information particularly helpful when assessing newly launched resources and product updates
  • Product reviews published in the educational, trade, or local press
  • Evaluation by Education Endowment Fund
  • Any other documentation that demonstrates how your product adds value to learning, teaching, assessment, or institutional leadership or management.

My product consists of several different versions aimed at different age groups, do I enter these separately?

If you are entering them into one category then please enter them as one product.

My product is a free website/software download, I have no contact with my users other than through my website, do the technical criteria still apply to my product?

Certain criteria are not relevant to free websites so these will be relaxed where appropriate.

My product is a subscription website do I need to provide a log in for the Judges for my product?

If your entry is a subscription website please provide us with the same details as you would to a customer. Please upload a confirmation email containing all the information a customer would usually receive using the upload facility on the questions page.

I entered the Bett Awards last year and my entry was not shortlisted. Can I re-enter my product this year?

Yes, products that have entered the Bett Awards before can be re-entered this year. You should give details on the entry form of how the product has been updated.

What happens if I don’t receive a confirmation email after sending in my entry?

Please email Liz@r3events.co.uk

Do I receive feedback?

Due to the large amount of entries we are unable to give feedback to applicants.

Who is judging my product or service?

For 2021 the judges will all be education professionals or experts in their particular ICT area. All entries will be reviewed after the website has closed for entries. If you are a finalist in a product focussed category –  you will be required to send in your product for the second stage of judging. The judging will take place over two days. Besa will again act as Chair of judges, overseeing the impartiality and fairness of the judging.

When will I find out if I have won?

The winners will be announced on 16th June 2021 at the Awards ceremony and dinner in London.

What is the prize for winning a Bett Award?

Bett Awards winners will receive a Bett Awards trophy at the Awards ceremony and dinner on 16 June 2021 and the prestige associated with this. Winners will also receive a Bett Awards winning logo to use for marketing purposes. Finalist products and companies will receive a Bett Awards Finalist logo.

What happens after the closing date ?

All entries will be reviewed after the website has closed for entries. If you are a finalist in any of the following categories – Innovator of the Year, Best Educational Resource for Parents or Home Learning, Early Years Content, Primary Content, Secondary Content, Classroom Aids for Learning, Teaching and Assessment, Free Digital Content or Open Educational Resources, Educational Apps, International Digital Educational Resource, Digital Devices, Leadership and Management Solutions, Whole School Aids for Learning, Teaching and Assessment, Special Educational Needs Solutions, Higher Education or Further Education Digital Services – you will be required to send in your product for the second stage of judging. For more information please visit the judging page.

Can I enter from outside the UK?

Yes you can, however you must ensure that the product and entry adhere to the UK Curriculum

Can products entered for the Awards still be in development?

Products entered for the Awards need to be available to schools and colleges and so should be published and on sale by 25 September 2020.